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Sat Naam!

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!

so let us see where do i begin?  I finished graduate school, Rabh di mehr, and moved out west.  Now doesn’t that sound like something about of a Kerouac novel?  What drew me out west, who knows, perhaps i do.  Perhaps it was attaining some sort of “Adventure” or a Passage in to “Man-Hood” claiming my sense of self, but then what about the trips across the Atlanta, and 3 continents? My trips to India, to Baru Sahib, those trips??? you can say that those trips are the results of this trip out West….   Out west a place where i can process all that Baba Ji, my teacher :),  taught me…. a place where i can sift through all that he taught :)… A place to start a fresh? but there is nothing fresh about it, but rahter to remain & stay grounded in myself , in my experience, or rather should i say in “thy” experience….

I’m out west, living here in san francisco, ca… yes that’s right san francisco…. even though i spend most of time across the bay :) hehe started a consulting gig . kinda working kinda not hehe, but other things have opened.  also taking Kundalini Yoga Level1 teacher training.  interesting…  :)

but i’ll be back to finish this later…

sat naam….  1/16/2010


Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh

What is there to me? the five elements (tattvas) of, earth, fire, air, water, and ether). With each and every breath i try to realize the higher consciousness, which my eternal master, Guru Gobind Singh Ji blessed me with… its already there for all of us, we just have to wake up and accept it…

As of right now i am in Graduate School, pursuing a Masters Degree with in Public Administration, specializing with in Emergency Management.  Besides my studies my main interest include, Sikhi!!! Spending time with my Guru Ji, through seva, simran, bani, & bana… otherwise known as practical jiwan or applied consciousness…

Other interest which i’ve collect long my maturing process include, photography, kundalini yoga, traveling, backpacking, yogi tea, dialogues, reading books, trying to remain neutral, chilling with sangat, solstices, full moons, 40 day meditations it just starting them is the hardest part. staying in Guru Ram Daas’s Sanctuary

About the Site

I initially got in to HTML Code 5 years ago, when I was a freshman in undergrad. I always wanted to start my own website with a catchy url/domain name. As you can tell this domain name is not that that exciting, i also thought five years back my skills with in html would improve, and that i would be able to use professional web designing programs.  Sadly this isn’t the case…. in lieu of my short winter break i decided to just use wordpress.

I’ve actually been blogging for the past 5 years, upon different free services such as blurty, blogspot, and even on the VCU server, but by me graduating from that amazing institution of higher learning, my e-campus ID is no longer valid. For the past 3 months i haven’t posted anywhere, so i thought i would post fresh, on a clean slate.  Also for an explination of my spiritual name, please refer to my old blog.

This is blog will be my new moleskin upon which i scribble my musings, for the world to see. Some of these post are inside jokes, or others require cultural insight, however for the most part, Most of these post will contain the rawness of my experiences of life, and this is how i will process….



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